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There is a lot of fun, joy, and music in Chance Theatre’s A VERY, VERY CHANCE HOLIDAY CABARET now streaming for you to enjoy through January 10th.

Hosted by the theatre residents artists Alex Bueno and Matt Takahashi (with seasonably appropriate newscaster names Holly Moley and Dirk de Halls in the vein of those overly excitable Macy’s Day Parade, they have a comedic banter as they introduce and react to the performances.

Directed by Jocelyn A. Brown, with Music Direction by Robyn Manion it is clear there is a lot of love and personal connection in the production. You can feel the love these artists have for performing and being able to utilize those talents in this cabaret for audiences to enjoy. Performers briefly introduce what they are going to be performing, which fosters a feeling of sitting with friends (theatre friends, because they’re the ones who are always singing) and leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling of togetherness. Which is a wonderful feeling in a year that has left so many people feeling v disconnected.

The show is also very diverse, featuring songs from all over the world and in a variety of languages. Some of the songs include “A La Nanita Nana,” “Shalom Chaverim,” “Siyahamba, “”Ei Kaleda,” and more. Even if these songs may be new to you, there are plenty of carols to sing along with like “Joy To The World”, “First Noel,” “Jingle Bells” and more.

The cabaret even achieves the “very, very” adorable” status by featuring the talented kids of Chance Theatre as well. a??

The cast includes performers Jisel Soleil Ayon, Jimmy Beall, Scarlett Brais), Tucker Boyes, Jocelyn A. Brown, Aimee Gomez, Jacob Gonzalez, Laura M. Hathaway, Robyn Manion, James McHale, Erika C. Miller, Monika Peña , Nicole Schlitt, Yunga Webb, Dony Wright, and Jorge Zuniga.

Musicians include Jimmy Beall, Aimee Gomez, Jacomb Gonzalez, and Jorge Zuniga.

Kudos to the technical side including Video editor James Tran, SoundEditor Ryan Brodkin, and Video Technician James Markoski for putting this show together for streaming, which is never an easy task. The show’s sound and editing both flow smoothly between the songs and the host’s commentary.

A VERY, VERY CHANCE HOLIDAY CABARET by Chance Theatre is streaming through January 10th. To purchase tickets to the cabaret go to

Once the ticket is purchased you will be sent a link to access the show. Once you click on the link you have 48 hours to enjoy the show.

Photo Credit: Chance Theatre

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